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Tommy StÝckel

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Tommy StÝckel

48 pages / colour / 500 ex / 2003 / published by Pork Salad Press / ISBN 87-987855-7-5 / Ä 28.00


  • Sally O'Reilly: Strange Attractors
  • Mark von Schlegell: The New Children (A Tommy StÝckel Timeline)

"StÝckel's work is a pack horse of art historical references dressed up in a technological guise: classical sculpture, Renaissance perspective, cubism, still life, spacecraft, molecular and subatomic structures. Unlike much 'sci-art' though, his work retains an integrity that does not rely on spurious claims of interdisciplinarity. His materials do not reflect space-age possibilities, his imagery is not culled from electron microscopes and his processes are not the result of any liberal, cross-campus collaboration. StÝckel uses paper and card, polystyrene and glue; more a model maker's vocabulary than a research scientist's. This hobbyist aesthetic echoes the increasing accessibility of science to the lay community."

- Strange Attractors by Sally O'Reilly

Spectrum, 2002 - paper, coloured paper, cardboard, H: 110 cm

City, 2000 - collage on paper, 50 x 60 cm

Tree, 2000 - wood, acrylic, cardboard. H:150 cm

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