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24 Advertisements EDITIONS:

Dahn Vo
Last letter of Saint Theophane Venard to his father before he was decapitated copied by Phung Vo
Ink on paper, 29,6 x 21 cm
Title and edition number remains undefined untill the death of Phung Vo
Each handwritten text will arrive in an envelope and be postmailed by Phung Vo directly to the buyer, whose address as recipient will be archived by Phung Vo
For more information go here >

EDITION --- € 300.00 (incl. shipping)

Jonathan Monk
Keith Arnatt Was an Artist
Bookmark (with the magazine The Economist 28 Nov 2009)
Edition of 12 (signed/numbered)
28 x 8 cm
For more information go here >

EDITION --- € 300.00 (incl. shipping)

Josef Strau
Magazine spread
Edition of 12 (signed/numbered)
For more information go here >

EDITION --- € 200.00 (incl. shipping)

Sara Mackillop
New Scientist | 27 March 2010
Edition of 12 (signed magazine)
For more information go here >

EDITION --- € 100.00 (incl. shipping)


David Shrigley has made a Pork T-shirt and 5 Pork Badges for all of you who are proud of and want to stand up for your pork!

T-SHIRT --- € 20.00
Edition of 300: 100 pink/ 100 blue/ 100 white

BADGES --- € 2.00
Pork (pink)
Pork (white)
Pork On (white)
Pork Tall (white)
Tastes like pork (white)
Big Pork (white)

Kirsten Pieroth made a newspaper in relation to her exhibition at Mellemdækket, Charlottenborgs Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, May - Aug 2002. Go here for information about the exhibition >

NEWSPAPER page / signed / 20 ex / 2002 --- € 300.00

Goodiepal offers access to his online archive on the website Brainwashed with this handy key-card, the MP3-Loader. You might of course choose to access the site anyway but why not show your appreciation of the efforts involved by purchasing a specially designed (and signed) key-card?

MP3-LOADER / ISBN 87-91409-37-3 --- € 30.00

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