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Lars Mathisen

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Cat, Microwave, Tinfoil

136 pages / colour / dust cover / 22x15.5 cm / 1500 ex / 2004 / published by The Danish Arts Agency, Revolver Verlag & Pork Salad Press / ISBN 87-91409-07-1 / € 19.00

The publication accompanies the Danish artist Lars Mathisen's eponymous art project of two installations created for the 26th Sao Paulo Biennial in 2004. It is a thematic catalogue, that is, more than commentaries to Mathisen's work the essays also expand on the central theme of global imaginaries. As such the publication offers independent, associative and analytical portraits of contemporary urban life in a globalized world.

Texts by:

  • Brian Holmes/Suely Rolnik: Through the Looking Glass: Intermingling Subjectivities and the Possibility of Public Life
  • Lars Bang Larsen: Inner Space, Outer Space and Powers not Present: Subjectivity, Imagination, and Time in Lars Mathisen's Cat, Microwave, Tinfoil
  • Armando Silva: Global Imaginaries: Fears, Bodies and Doubles

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