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Henriette Heise

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A Room of One's Own (November 12 2000)

32 pages / colour / 21.5x28 cm / spiral back / 300 ex / 2002 / published by Pork Salad Press /
ISBN 87-987855-6-7 / € 18.00

A Room of One's Own (November 12 2000)
There was always someone around me and I needed a room of my own. So I started a collection of coloured circles. I cut them out from the supplements of Saturday and Sunday papers. I looked through the pages and found patches of monochrome colour - big enough to make one of my circles. Each supplement gave me a small heap of circles. Sometimes just six circles, sometimes as many as 42. The small heaps are named after the date of the supplement. Having finished a supplement, I lay out the coloured circles on the table and enjoy the meeting of random colours.
- Henriette Heise, 2002

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