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Lise Blomberg Andersen

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Neighbours at the Outskirts

48 pages / colour / 18x15 cm / 700 ex / 2004 / published by Pork Salad Press / ISBN 87-91409-09-8 / sold out!

"Somewhere in Sisimiut painting is taking place. Somewhere in Sisimiut is the title of a painting no more than 40x40 cm big, depicting a place that looks vaguely like a not too affluent ski resort: some houses, towering mountains, loads of snow. A sense of place is conveyed, in a sort of detached, unenthusiastic way a bit like a blunt postcard-like document of what is objectively a geographical location. As a geographical location it would be the kind of place where the main attraction is the Saturday karaoke night arranged in the basement of the main building: one imagines the tensions, the strained economies of all the little somewheres of this world. As a painterly location, however, it contains economical tensions of a very different order. It is the tensions of a contradictory image-space, filled to the brim with its own calculations of gains and losses, give and takes. The houses are, for instance, painted with a dry, almost naivist, struggle for accuracy, with perspectival lines and contours painstakingly worked out in a fine brush. In marked contrast, the mountains that tower above the houses rise out of the seemingly careless forms of abstract expressionism, with bold brushstrokes of black, grey and white pushing and pulling and generally playing off each other like mad. Painting as nature and painting depicting nature united once again in an eternal embrace."

- extract from the text "Painting's outer reaches" by Ina Blom


  • Ina Blom: Painting's outer reaches
  • L.C. Armstrong and Lise Blomberg Andersen: Dialogue

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